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Local Alarm Permit Applications & Instructions

On June 1, 2016, Suffolk County will launch the Alarm Management Program to reduce the number of false alarms that the Suffolk County Police Department receives. False alarms are more than an inconvenience; they take up time and energy of emergency personnel who may be needed to respond to a real emergency. That is why Suffolk County is following the lead of jurisdictions across the nation, including Nassau County and several East End towns to implement this program which has been proven to reduce false alarms and ensure that police resources are dispatched efficiently. As accidents do happen, a written warning will be issued for the first two false alarms generated at any registered location. Fees will be issued on a graduated scale for each subsequent offense. Unregistered locations will be assessed a service charge for the initial false alarm. *Alarms caused by smoke, fire or carbon monoxide are not included in this program.

See below for Downloadable PDF Permit Applications and Instructions for your area!

Nassau County Alarm Permit Application                     Suffolk County Alarm Permit Application

Nassau County Alarm Permit Instructions                    Suffolk County Permit Instructions 

Nassau County Non-Permitted Fine Schedule              Suffolk County Non-Permitted Fine Schedule

Nassau County Permitted Fine Schedule                       Suffolk County Permitted Fine Schedule

Nassau County Fire Alarm Permit Application