• A home without a security system is 2 to 3 times more likely to be burglarized.
  • 85% of police officials surveyed believe monitored home alarms help deter burglary attempts.
  • The average dollar loss per burglary offense in 2008 was $2,079.
  • 60% of attempted burglaries on homes that have a home security alarm system are unsuccessful.
  • The average amount of time it takes a burglar to gain entrance to a home: 57 seconds.
  • 67% of all burglars gain entrance somewhere other than the front door.
  • Worldwide, home burglaries have dropped around 53% over the last 10 years.
  • Daytime burglaries have jumped 47% in the United States.
  • 88% of all burglaries are residential in nature.
  • Recent FBI studies have shown that security systems make your home 15 times less likely to be victimized.
  • 86% of burglaries occur when people are at home.
  • 15% of American households have a home security system.
  • You can save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance policy with the addition of an alarm system.

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Pros Of Home Security Systems

  • Police are dispatched should someone break into your home. How it works: you get a phone call when the alarm system is set off. If you don’t answer the phone, provide a security code, and tell them you are okay, they will immediately send someone out to your home.
  • The alarm siren itself often frightens away burglars. The noise of the siren can send burglars fleeing since it both attracts attention and means that police will be arriving.
  • If you have the chime on, you are alerted whenever anyone (especially children) enter and exit the home. This is especially good when you have small children in the home, because it helps to know whenever the doors in your home open or close.

Cons Of Home Security Systems

  • You can get a false sense of security, since some burglars will still enter the home with an alarm on. Not all burglars will be scared away. There are professional criminals who know how to get in, grab what they want, and get out before the police ever arrive.
  • Your local police force will charge you for “false alarms.” Any time they come out to your home to find no burglar there and no obvious signs of forced entry, it will be considered a false alarm and may lead to you being fined.